PENC-400 Widescreen PC Enclosure – Saving You Money on IT Equipment Repair

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Presenting the PENC-400 Widescreen PC enclosure, a purpose-built, IP54/NEMA 4 rated protective unit for industrial sector companies.

This product will solve the problem of PC and screen damage, caused by arduous industrial environments, from damage threats such as water, dust, dirt, airborne debris and even physical impact.

Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the unit is completely customisable allowing you to add an integrated keyboard & mouse, internal temperature regulating systems (such as fans or heaters.

The product works by creating a harmonious environment for your PC and screen equipment to function without the risk of damage. The inclusion of temperature regulating systems will prevent overheating and/or freezing. The shatterproof polycarbonate window protects against screen damage and in the event of breakage, it won''t splinter and cause damage to production lines.

It''s easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance, an excellent benefit if you want to shorten cleaning processes. Multiple mounting options make the PENC-400 PC enclosure a space saving solution. Mount on a wall or stand and keep work areas congestion free.

Armagard says: “You will cut costs for PC and screen repair by installing a PENC-400 PC enclosure. If you were to estimate the cost of repairing damaged equipment for instance, your business would pay call-out costs for an engineer, labour expenses and money for new parts".

What makes the PENC-400 unique, compared to similar products on sale, is the customisation options available. Create the enclosure specific to your needs to provide protection for your PC & screen in your industrial sector environment. The product is delivered fully assembled, simply mount ready for immediate use.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. SAVE MONEY - Eliminate repair/replacement costs for damaged PC & screen equipment.

2. SAVE TIME - Ready to install enclosure, no assembly required.

3. CREATE SPACE - Wall or stand mount your PC & screen equipment. Clear congested work areas.

After sales benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty covering all electrical components

PENC-400 Widescreen PC Enclosure – Saving You Money on IT Equipment Repair

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