6 Digit, Digital Signal Clock Improves Business Performance

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Presenting the ‘S'' model, 6 digit, digital signal clock, a purpose built clock designed to display accurate time for the benefit of time-critical business operations reliant on precise time. This unit will solve the problem of time inconsistencies in workplace environments, keeping all personnel on track to meet business deadlines.

Manufactured using steel, the ‘S'' model, 6 digit, digital signal clock features a polycarbonate display window that protects against minor collisions, which could affect the performance of the clock. All ‘S'' model, 6 digit clocks are also fully compatible with our NTP time server range.

The product works by displaying accurate time in a 12 or 24 hour format, showing hours, minutes and seconds. Using 6 LED''s, the time display is highly visible, whether installed in a small office space or large scale, open plan warehouse.

The clock is powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows electricity to power the clock via a data cable rather than power chords. The benefit of the PoE feature is that it reduces the number of wires required to install the clock, resulting in lower costs, less downtime and greater flexibility for installation compared with standard wiring.

Armagard says: “Buying in bulk for multiple clock installation? Configuring your clocks from one PC represents a massive saving for businesses. Save money on energy bills and improve health and safety by limiting the number of wires used to power your clocks. Establish a large scale, accurate time display network whilst avoiding massive expense.”

Having accurate time on display throughout your workplace means all personnel are working to the exact same timeframe. Business performance is improved because deadlines are met more consistently. If your business is required to deliver within tight time constraints, having the correct time displayed is a must for your organisation.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. SAVE MONEY – Buying in bulk? Multiple clocks can be configured from one PC, no need to buy new computer systems.

2. SAVE TIME – Never miss a second. Time display is synchronised, highly accurate and updates automatically.

3. HIT DEADLINES CONSISTENTLY – Accurate time display means smooth running business operations.

After sales benefits

- Product lifetime technical support.

6 Digit, Digital Signal Clock Improves Business Performance

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