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Stainless steel 290 Series now certified for food contact applications.

ASCO has launched a new 290 Series that carries the (EC) 1935-2004 regulation, for use in applications involving food contact. This certification allows the 290 Series to be used in contact with auxiliary fluids on food processes or alimentary fluid processes by conforming with industry hygiene standards.

These valves comply with the (EC) 1935-2004 standard for 'requirements of food contact', the (EC) 2023/2006 standard for 'good manufacturing practice' and the (EU) 10/2011 standard for 'plastic material intended to come in contact with food'.

The materials used conform with FDA CFR21 specifications. As with other ASCO products, they also comply with the RoHS 2 (EU) 2011/65 standard, which restricts the use of hazardous materials.

ASCO offer a product with specific labelling to specify this certification. The product is delivered with a declaration of conformity, including a list of all the wetted parts and their agreements.

• Versatile: The valves are available with stainless steel bodies, in threaded ports, clamp or butt welding.

• Industry approved: Each valve is delivered with a declaration of compliance to regulation (EC) 1935-2004.

• Reliable: We use high quality material to ensure reliability, robustness and a long life (subject to the same rigorous qualification tests as our standard 290 Series valves).

• Safe for both user and process: All wetted parts (such as the stainless steel parts, grease, and seals) present no danger to the consumer and have no effect upon the composition or organoleptic characteristics of the media.

• Easy to configure and operate: This newly certified version has the same characteristics, dimensions and specifications as our standard 290 Series valves.


  • ASCO