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ASCO Numatics replies with six points:

- Limited retention areas for quicker and easier cleaning : The cylinders have a square profile with rounded corners and a barrel made of anodised aluminium. They have a "positive" groove designed for position detectors and an optimised barrel/end connection. They also have a blanking plug on each cylinder end screw.

- Innovative treatment : The front and rear cylinder ends are now protected with a new anticorrosion treatment. This electrochemical process is stronger than chemical nickel plating so the cylinder can be used in aggressive environments and there is no risk of loss of oxidised substances.

- Magnetic detection : For its new Series 454 cylinders, ASCO Numatics offers an IP69K magneto-resistive universal detector for "T" grooves with a 0.3 m PVC cable and a stainless steel M12 screw type male connector.

- Cylinder prelubrication that meets food industry requirements

- Quicker and easier installation : Connection ports and stainless steel pneumatic cushioning screws on the same side, a wide range of fastenings and standard rod end covers made of stainless steel, lightweight construction, optimised cylinder/machine integration.

- Guaranteed reliability throughout the range : The Series 454 cylinders are ISO 15552 compliant, with a wide range of diameters and strokes. There is also a choice of material for the rod seals: PUR, FPM or FPM + PTFE.

For equipment in process zones, there is also the 431 range, offering the

following benefits:

- Cylinders with barrel configuration, 100% stainless steel, fully corrosion

resistant. Unaffected by acids, no problems in a saline environment, highly resistant to chlorinated alkaline agents.

- Hunting down retention areas : The concept is focused on eliminating retention areas: a completely smooth surface, optimised barrel/end connection, FPM or PTFE positive scraper seal, laser markings. etc. Together, these features help to avoid any risk of contamination while facilitating cleaning.

- Easier maintenance : The "cartridge type" nose option means that the scraper seal and rod seal can be changed without removing the front cylinder end, which remains on the machine. There is no need to disconnect the pneumatic and electrical circuits, including any magnetic detectors. This keeps production downtime to a minimum.


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