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The best flow rate on the market for steam and hot water

It is intended for both machine manufacturers (who make industrial dishwashers and washing machines, sterilisers, boilers, autoclaves and catering equipment) and the end users of this equipment in the food processing, industrial boiler room and laundry, medical, etc. sectors.

Its design, in particular in terms of its internal geometry, has been optimised along the entire length of the pressurised device thanks to sophisticated digital fluid mechanics methods used by the manufacturer.

Significantly higher flow rates

Depending on the connection diameter, the Series 220 gives flow rates that are 20 to 60% higher than those of conventional models. The Series 220 is without question the only one of all solenoid valves of this type currently available on the market that can give these high flow rates. As a result, where an application in the past required a model with a G3/4 connection diameter, a Series 220 G1/2 model solenoid valve will now be adequate. A smaller solenoid valve and connectors for an equivalent flow rate! And if the installation carries very low pressure steam, the 220 range also has models that operate at zero minimum pressure. Thus, unlike a conventional solenoid valve, these models can open at 0 bar.

Compact, and lower installation cost

Replacing a G3/4 solenoid valve with a G1/2 solenoid valve also means smaller connectors and tubes, manual valves and automatic shut-off valves with smaller connections and, ultimately, a lower cost installation.

Shorter cycles

Faster cycles and therefore higher production rates. This advantage will be of particular interest for dishwashing, clothes washing and sterilisation applications.

Long service life, reduced maintenance

Intensive tests have demonstrated that this solenoid valve can withstand up to 1 million cycles in hot water and low pressure steam applications. The materials used, together with such innovations as PTFE floating diaphragms, provide excellent resistance to corrosion and accumulation of the minerals that are present in the water.

Improved seal = fewer leaks = less maintenance = less down time. The Series 220 also has a threaded cover: easy to screw on and off during on-site maintenance.


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