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"End of work" for the AZO test station

Huge donation for a good cause

After more than a year, 2381 hours worked and 21,000 tests carried out, the corona test station on our factory premises in Osterburken will cease operations on March 1st, 2023. What began in December 2021 in an unused Christmas hut developed into an institution from which everyone benefited: the DRK Buchen as the operator, our employees and of course the (international) visitors to our station. Because not only because of the convenient location and the employee-friendly opening hours, but also because of the professional and friendly nature of our test staff, the station quickly became one of the most visited in the entire region - with around 160 tests being carried out per day at the beginning. While visitor numbers dropped as the pandemic abated, we continued to operate while numerous other test stations had already ceased service. The joy and gratitude of the visitors clearly showed that this was the right step - and the DRK was also happy about the success and the continued operation. Because the income from the test station was billed directly by the DRK and we only charged our own wage costs - part of which we donated back to the DRK. During the course of the operation of the test station, a donation total of €14,468 was collected, which flowed from AZO to the German Red Cross.


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