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What is a bulk pick and place machine?

01005 bulk pick and place machine

Bulk placement machine is a new type of placement machine. It is a new type of placement machine created by TERMWAY. As we all know, the components in the electronics industry used to be packaged by taping or tube packaging. In the placement process of the placement machine, the components are also realized by the automatic feeding mechanism, commonly known as "Feida". Feed.

And the bulk material placement machine is to reduce the production cost of electronic products, without taping, directly using bulk components to mount the placement machine. Effectively reduce the cost of component packaging, but also reduce the cost of electronic products.

The bulk placement machine is an automatic placement machine that can complete the bulk components automatically. As the name implies, the "bulk placement machine" does not require manual operation and manual placement. Pour the bulk material into the device and the placement machine can automatically Identification, automatic placement. This is the real bulk placement machine.

Many companies in the industry put the bulk materials into the tray by hand. Arranged in a matrix, and then mounted with a placement machine. This is not a bulk placement machine, which has low efficiency and low accuracy.

Is it possible to place 01005 manually? The TERMWAY bulk placement machine can already automatically mount 01005 bulk components.


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  • Linda Yuan