What is ultraviolet (UVC) Disinfection technology?

Linda Yuan
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UVC Disinfection technology

UVC is the general name of electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 100-400nm emitted by the sun, which is invisible to human eyes. According to the wavelength of ultraviolet rays, usually divided into three categories: A, B, and C, namely near ultraviolet (UVA), far ultraviolet (UVB), and ultra-short ultraviolet (UVC). Among them, UVC has the largest energy and is extremely destructive to microorganisms. However, when passing through the stratosphere on the surface of the earth, it is basically absorbed by the ozone layer and cannot reach the surface of the earth. Therefore, a bunch of artificial "sunlight"-LED deep ultraviolet light came into being.


Deep UV-"Artificial light" for sterilization

This "artificial light" produced for sterilization selects deep ultraviolet rays in a specific wavelength range (260-280nm), can penetrate biological cell membranes and nuclei, destroy DNA and RNA molecular structures, and eliminate various pathogens in a short time. Such as bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc., the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%. Among them, 275nmUVC is a medical-grade sterilization band, and it is also a recognized technology in the international medical industry.


 Advantages of deep ultraviolet sterilization

  Broad-spectrum sterilization: Ultraviolet sterilization has the highest broad-spectrum. It can kill almost all microorganisms, including bacteria, tuberculosis bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.

  High efficiency: UV disinfection is fast and effective. Under a certain radiation intensity, the general pathogenic microorganisms can be killed in just ten seconds, and can also kill some bacteria that cannot be inactivated by chlorine disinfection.

  Environmental protection: UV sterilization does not need to add any chemicals. It uses short-wave radiation to directly kill bacteria or destroy the bacteria's ability to reproduce, without pollution or residues, and does not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.

  Traditional sterilizers are generally used in the medical and catering industries. Beijing TORCH specializes in the research and development of photonic nano-health technology products, artificially extracts UVC chips of the recognized bactericidal band (UV-C275nm), and launches a variety of deep ultraviolet killing technology products suitable for families, hospitals, schools, subways, etc. , To provide consumers with a high-quality healthy life guarantee. TORCH has developed a deep UVCsterilization and disinfection system for elevators, taxis, central air conditioning, a mask/mobile phone.

A series of products such as toilet lids, medical garbage cans, subway robots, and vehicle-mounted fans have achieved staged success. In the recent launch experiments, they have obvious effects and can fully meet the needs of public transportation, Public places, home protection and other different scenarios. I believe that in the near future, such physical sterilization and disinfection instruments will replace chemical disinfectants with higher efficiency and better user experience to protect our health and safety! Everyone is welcome to discuss cooperation.

What is ultraviolet (UVC) Disinfection technology?

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