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New BOGE O 3 P to O 15 P-type oxygen generators produce reliable and cost-effective oxygen

Compressed air specialist BOGE has brought a new range of oxygen generators onto the market. With their new BOGE generator types O 3 P to O 15 P, and BOGE O 3 PE to O 15 PE, users have a safe and reliable all-in solution for producing oxygen with adsorption technology. This proven process lets users generate their own inexpensive, tailor-made and dependable supply of oxygen on site, with purity levels reaching 90 to 95 percent.

Applications requiring oxygen are wide-ranging. Whether for water treatment, the medical sector, mining, welding or fish farming – the new BOGE oxygen generators can be used wherever oxygen enrichment and thermal processes take place. The advantages of in-house oxygen production are obvious in comparison to oxygen deliveries from external suppliers – users obtain precisely the purity, output and amount of oxygen they need for their processes. In-house production also gives users a level of independence and a supply guarantee that would be hard to achieve from an external gas supplier.

Complete solution for oxygen generation

BOGE offers users an ideally coordinated all-in system for generating oxygen. The new BOGE oxygen generator types O 3 P to 0 15 P, and O 3 PE to O 15 PE, are the centrepiece of the overall solution. Individually adapted to the oxygen demand, they achieve purity levels of 90 to 95 percent. As a system provider, BOGE offers an ideally matched complete system comprising a compressor, filter, refrigerant dryer, activated carbon adsorber, compressed air container, oxygen generator and oxygen container. If a compressed air station is already available, generators can easily be connected to the existing network. To produce oxygen, the generators require class 1:4:1 treated compressed air complying with ISO 8573-1 (with an additional activated carbon adsorber). The quantity of compressed air that is needed depends on the oxygen purity required.

Adsorption technology for maximum efficiency and reliability

BOGE generators produce oxygen using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process. The basis for this process is two containers filled with zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS), which are flooded in turn with purified compressed air to effect the physical separation of nitrogen and oxygen. The oxygen obtained passes into a special oxygen container, while the nitrogen-enriched air is discharged into the atmosphere in the course of this process. Thanks to their modular design, it is possible to add or retrofit generators on site. This means that up to two expansion banks can be assigned to any master bank. Each bank can hold up to six individual modules, which are very easy to fit. In this way, up to 18 modules provide flexible oxygen generation of between 2.49 and 46.8 Nm3/h. The output can be increased to the extent required by combining additional complete systems.

Up to two further banks can be centrally controlled by the master bank control unit. Standard oxygen generators are fitted with a basic control, and include a display that shows the oxygen purity and allows it to be continuously monitored. By adding a further optional display, it is possible to read off the oxygen flow rate (oxygen in Nm³/h). A premium control can also be added to enable additional sensors such as a pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, dew point sensor or Ethernet to be attached. Thanks to their high-quality components, BOGE oxygen generators are practically maintenance-free. Their stainless-steel valve housing, wear-free zirconium oxide sensor and zeolite molecular sieve ensure trouble-free operation and reliable oxygen quality, with minimum service costs.