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Pressure sprayer

Bürkle GmbH
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For chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry

Bürkle pressure sprayer are ideal for spraying a wide range of different liquids uniformly and continuously. The adjustable nozzle nut makes it possible to regulate the spray jet individually – from a fine spray mist to a powerful jet. Activating the piston rod quickly and easily builds up an overpressure in the tank. The built-in safety valve protects against overpressure. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable hold on the pressure sprayer.

The pressure sprayer features rugged industrial quality for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for example disinfecting, cleaning, plant protection, thin-layer chromatography, technical and sanitary uses.

The practical 360° spray function also allows for upside-down spraying with the Turn'n'Spray pressure sprayer, making it easy to reach even places that are difficult to access.

The food pressure sprayer is specially designed for use in the food industry and is well suited for spraying different media including oils, greases or flavouring substances. It can also be used to easily atomise cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Pressure sprayer
Pressure sprayer

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