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Disposable sampler made of PE bioplastic

Made from renewable raw materials and 100% recyclable

Bio disposable samplers from Bürkle GmbH are a sustainable alternative to the usual disposable samplers made from traditional petroleum-based plastics. They fulfil all requirements for high-quality sampling. The samplers in the LaboPlast Bio product line are produced in a clean room and individually packaged for disposable use. SteriPlast Bio products are additionally sterilised by gamma rays.

All disposable organic samplers are ACT-certified. They comply with EU food and FDA guidelines.

Green PE bioplastic has all the suitable properties of conventional polyethylene that are perfectly suited to sampling, but is manufactured from renewable raw materials and can be completely recycled.

The Bürkle product range includes a large selection of scoops, spoons, funnels and spatulas in many sizes and shapes for all kinds of applications.

Disposable sample spatula made of PE bioplastic (Bürkle GmbH)


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