New Low-Cost Infrared Temperature Sensor with Built-In Display

Calex Electronics Ltd
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See the measured temperature directly on the sensor itself with the PyroSigma industrial pyrometer from Calex Electronics.

The new PyroSigma is a miniature infrared temperature sensor with a bright OLED display that is easy to read in the dark, and a configurable, linear voltage output for connection to a PLC, indicator or controller.

This general-purpose sensor is designed for fixed installation on industrial machinery, measuring the temperature of solid and liquid surfaces without contact. It works by detecting the thermal IR radiation that is continuously and naturally emitted by the target object.

Out of the box, the sensor accurately measures non-reflective non-metallic surfaces at temperatures from 0°C to 1,000°C, such as paper, cardboard, food, asphalt, composites, rubber, thick plastics and painted surfaces with no need to change any settings. An adjustable emissivity setting allows it to be used with many other materials too.

The PyroSigma is much faster than contact thermocouple probes, with a response time of just 240 milliseconds.

Objects on conveyors can be measured, ignoring the readings from the gaps between them, using the PyroSigma’s peak/valley hold setting. Reflected energy compensation improves accuracy when measuring objects inside ovens with the sensor positioned outside.

The PyroSigma’s very small size (Ø31 x 30 mm) and low cost mean it can fit into almost any application and budget.

Contact our engineers to discuss choosing a suitable sensor for your application, or visit our website for full specifications.

Calex PyroSigma infrared temperature sensor with built-in display
Calex PyroSigma infrared temperature sensor with built-in display

PyroSigma low-cost miniature infrared temperature sensor for industrial applications, with built-in OLED display and controls.

PyroSigma pyrometer, underside, showing lens and mounting holes

Underside of the PyroSigma industrial infrared temperature sensor, showing the sensor's lens and threaded mounting holes (mounting screws are included).

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