Why choose CENO Electronics for thermocouple slip ring?

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thermocouple slip ring 's applicaton

Because through years of working experience, CENO Electronics has successfully developed and customized various kinds of thermocouple slip rings with low torque,

low loss and no maintenance,low electrical noise, long life and other main features, to provide global customers with 360-degree rotating conductive and ventilation solutions.

As a kind of temperature sensor, K thermocouple is usually used in conjunction with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator.Can be directly measured in various production surface temperatures of liquid vapor and gaseous media and solids from 0℃ to 1300℃.

The k-type thermocouple is usually composed of the main components such as temperature sensing elements, mounting fixtures and junction boxes, among them the slip ring is used to ensure stability and accuracy transmission thermistor, thermocouple signal, small temperature change, no jump.

There are many types of transmissible thermocouples, such as K, S, J, N, etc

Why  choose CENO Electronics for thermocouple slip ring?

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