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Cost-effective through bore rotary joint

CENO through bore rotary joint

CENO has been devoted to providing high quality solutions and units for various intelligent automation fields.The ECN series are through hole slip rings,the inner hole can pass through the drive shaft,gas-liquid passage,it can also integrate high frequency,fiber optic,encoder,waveguide,gas other joints.Use advanced fiber brush ensures reliable contact under extremely low friction.Inner hole is available from 0 to 980mm, current rating is from mA to 5000 amps,waterproof grade upto IP65,IP66,IP68 or more higher.The voltage can be up to 10000 volts,which can fully meet different needs of transmission.CENO professional R&D team have rich experience for different application,just contact with us if you have any projects about slip ring,we will provide the reasonably priced solution for you.


Transmit signal & power

Smooth rotation

80mm inner bore

Long lifetime


Wind turbines

Medical machine

Industry equipment

Display table


Through hole size

Current rating

Signal type

IP protection grade


  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
  • CENO Electronics