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Meet us at INTERGEO 2023 in Berlin, Germany


We are pleased to announce that CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) will be exhibiting at INTERGEO 2023 at Messe Berlin in Berlin, Germany, October 10-12, 2023.

INTERGEO 2023 is the world's largest exhibition for geodesy, geoinformation, and land management. It will present new thematic areas, "Unmanned Systems," and a new area dedicated to Earth Observation (EO). In addition, the exhibition will address the topics of geoinformation systems and geospatial data, showcase current applications in the areas of geospatial LOT, geo-IT, BIM, smart city, and surveying, and present the latest technological developments in these areas.

CHC Navigation, a global geospatial technology company, will showcase its full range of solutions for professional applications, including GNSS surveying, airborne LiDAR surveys, bathymetric surveys, machine control, unmanned surveys, and real-time navigation infrastructure.

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