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Industrial Sweeper CSI 225

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It prepares the roads for Tour of Italy 2016

We are in the Treviso area, near Asolo and this is one of the towns where the Tour of Italy 2016, the famous bike race, will pass starting from May 9th to 29th.

The competition will travel the roads of the national territory passing through Veneto and touching many towns including Noale, Santa Maria di Sala, Dolo, Mira and Mogliano Veneto.

In this area the Industrial Sweeper CSI 225 is going to work, purchased from a local company, mounted on a John Deere tractor for cleaning of road network before the passage of the Tour, and they had no doubts about the choice of the machine to use.

Thanks to its several functions, the adaptability and lightness and especially the good value for money, Industrial Sweeper Bucket has been chosen for an important work as the preparation of the streets for the Tour of Italy 2016 and we are very proud of it.

Its work consists in collecting dust and leaves from the streets thanks to the rotating brush, the waste material will be instantly collected from the bucket and in a blink of an eye the work will be done, saving money and time. For sure no other product is able to perform well like CSI 225.

Through the streets, the woods and the plains around Treviso area the Industrial Sweeper CSI 225 will demonstrate its potential in the best way.

In particular this model weights 490 kg and its flow is 60/75 l/min, but it is available in different types and sizes, so it is suitable for roads cleaning, squares and every type of road pavement and it has a collection bucket and brushes made of polypropylene. It can be used on skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts and tractors and it works with the hydraulic circuit of the machine.

It is a cutting-edge machine, essential for many works and now it is just waiting to meet its new customers for showing its great potential.

Industrial Sweeper is working
Industrial Sweeper is working

CSI with side brush

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