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Bio-Natural Gas Summit---1st Sino-EU

The first Sino-European bio-natural gas summit

The first Sino-European bio-natural gas summit has been inaugurated in Beijing on November 3, it was held by China University of Petroleum (Beijing), European Biomass Industry Association and German International Cooperation Agency. It is the first session to focus on bio-gas industry development and international technical exchange in China. As the leading biogas project monitoring technology supplier, Cubic-Ruiyi was invited to attend this conference with latest analysis technology.

The central topic is promoting the development of bio-natural gas industry in this summit,focusing on technology exchange and transfer,economic feasibility and business model exploration, financial stimulus and capital boosting, Typical case analysis of bio-nature gas industry and exploration of industrial development opportunities and challenges, wisdom-collecting,promoting China's bio-natural gas industry development and China-EU technical exchanges and cooperation

In the opening ceremony, the State Department of Agriculture, Energy Bureau, Ministry of Environmental Protection and the European Commission United Technology Research Center , European Union Energy and Transportation Research Institute has expressed good wishes and expectations for the summit in order. We hope to build a comprehensive platform for the integration of technology, economy, finance,international exchange and government tractionby this summit, so as to serve better for development of bio-natural gas industry in Central Europe.


After that,Wang Jiuchen, the Deputy Director of Agro-ecologyand Resources Conservation Station of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, with the theme of "Chinese biogas achievement and change",elaborated the major problems and challenges in transformation and upgrading process of biogas industry. And pointed out that with the advent of the era of large &medium scale biogas projects, the future direction of transformation and upgrading is to improve product quality, enhance attributes of biogas energy, innovate policy mechanisms,upgrade the product properties of biogas, as well as introduction of professional enterprises to improve project management efficiency, encouraging pilot to carry out innovation and exploration.

Director Wang proposed especially to supervise whole process: including establishment of biogas online monitoring platform, pilot statistics, analysis, testing pilot project operation and management status, to achieve measurable, identifiable, verifiable, traceable and provide data support for biogas project implementation.

Cubic-Ruiyi is the supplier of as a leading biogas project monitoring technology. we are committed to develop biogas project monitoring field,not only launching biogas project remote monitoring system applications in the industry firstly,but also continuous innovation to promote intelligent development of biogas project monitoring.

The Biogas Genius is our the newest product of development.,it has superior protability and controllability which have been approved consistently by industry expert:using industrial sensor to achieve accurate monitoring concentration and leakage for biogas;connecting smart phones with bluethooth devices to achieve APP changes for alarm threshold value 、display concentration and a series of intelligent iperation.

Cubic-Ruiyi is the wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.,

We are committed to develop concept of “Grasping import technologies and realizing industrial innovation”,basing on independent intellectual property of sensor,in future,and will innovate continuously to promote the development of biogas project in areas of development of gas analyzer,production,sales and biogas project monitoring solutions.

This summit is being held from November 3 -5, welcome to the industry experts to vist our booth!


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