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TR-Elettra is a finishing head where the radial displacement of the toolholder slide is pictured on a digital display, thus ensuring the operator maximum speed in setting, and an absolute accuracy in adjustment. TR-Elettra uses the well-known D’ANDREA MHD modular system and the new PSC modular system as coupling systems, in accordance with the ISO 26623-1 standard, which is adjustable and interchangeable on every machine tool with standard basic connections. The precision is very high, thanks to the direct reading of the displacement of the toolholder slide.

The display resolution is 0.002 mm (that is, 2 μm diameter reading).

Easy to use, a single button performs the function of ignition, “reset” and transition of the reading display from mm to inches. The radial adjustment of the slide is done through a hex key which acts on the nut screw engaged with the slide itself. The reading display is powered by a long life lithium battery, similar to one normally used in digital wristwatches. The automatic shutdown of the display is expected after 30 seconds to preserve battery life, thus ensuring the memorisation of the last displayed value. The passage of the coolant takes place from the inside and the degree of protection of the head is IP 67, a very high degree at which the coolant can be safely used. With the inclusion of the new TR-Elettra heads in the programme, the operating range is the following:

TR-Elettra 50: working range from Ø 2.5 mm, to Ø 110 mm.

TR-Elettra 63: working range from Ø 6 mm, to Ø 125 mm.

TR-Elettra 80: working range from Ø 6 mm. to Ø 200 mm.

TR-Elettra 200: working range from Ø 200 mm, to Ø 2.700 mm.

With the exception of the TR-Elettra 200 (a head for larger diameters to be used on BPS bars), the entire TR-Elettra range is also available in the kit version, complete with all the accessories necessary for its correct use, an economical and intelligent solution that was immediately appreciated by the entire world market. In fact, with the exception of the clamping system to the machine tool, the package contains all the components for using the head immediately, together with a set of inserts that are already available inside; thus, the kit is ready to use.


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