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New Line PSC


PSC coupling is expanding the already vast D’ANDREA program. It will appear at the EMO 2015. The new range includes both new monolithic tools with PSC coupling, both of which have new positions within the modular system (coupling, extensions and reductions). The “news” that D’ANDREA will be attending the EMO show in Milan over the next few days includes: modular cones, reductions, extensions, milling spindles and adapters - all of which come with PSC coupling, which allows you to have complete flexibility when using them, and this is true of those already in possession of tooling machines or PSC coupling and those who wish to use our modular MHD system, as well as those who already have full modularity when it comes to PSC coupling! But not only that: the monolithic tooling program has been expanded with a series which now includes PSC machine coupling: The famous micrometre head finish - whether it be mechanical (TR) and electronic (TR-elec), and both versions come in complete kits, and complement the already impressive range. The same applies to the powerful Monoforce tightening system where you will be able to see PSC coupling alongside other types of coupling machinery. And in this case, the Monoforce will be available in three different dimensions (MF12 – MF20 – MF32) which themselves define a function of the clamping tool diameter. With regards to fixed tools, these will be presented with a complete and versatile turning system with ISO inserts, made in four different sizes and with PSC coupling. The system has a particularly interesting, unusual feature: the insert seat is in fact interchangeable, which therefore allows the user to replace it in the event of a broken insert and any subsequent damage to the seat without having to replace the entire tool, and by just replacing the cutting section. This makes a nice saving if you consider the cost of an entire PSC coupling monolithic tool.

During the EMO event, we will present a number of new features and innovations which will allow visitors to gain an insight into our product range, technology and quality. We will be waiting for you at our stand, where you will receive a copy of the updated D’ANDREA catalogue and can have discussions with our technicians about the infinite potential behind using the PSC system.


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