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New Automatic Omega pump

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Simple configuration and control of lubrication phases

New at DropsA! Discover Automatic Omega, the multi-output grease electric pump, an evolved version of the manual pump, equipped with electronic controls and new functions.

Complete management of lubrication cycles

The Automatic Omega pump is equipped with a circuit board that guarantees full autonomy in the management of lubrication cycles, alarms and controls, even remotely, thanks to its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. An intuitive touchscreen display enables the user to easily configure the lubrication phases, monitor all pump statuses and receive warnings or alarms, thus having full, real time control of the lubrication process.

It is also equipped with two digital inputs for controlling the lubrication cycle and two digital outputs for monitoring the status of the lubrication and alarms.

Compact and versatile

The Automatic Omega pump can be used simultaneously with multi-line and progressive systems and, thanks to its small size, it is ideal for installation in small spaces. It is available in versions with a loading tank and with a preloaded cartridge.

Automatic Omega pump
Automatic Omega pump

Automatic Omega pump

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