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Mobile pallet transfer station

To lift and transfer two pallets

Dynalserg has recently developed a mobile, double tandem Pallet Transfer Station (ETP) for one of its best customers in the food field, namely frozen vegetables.

Therefore, this mobile or double ETP has been designed to be able to support a load capacity of 3000 daN and thus be able to meet the requirement of being able to lift and transfer two pallets at the same time of 1500 kg each one. In addition, a saving in the investment of these stations was required and for this reason the design was undertaken with a self-supporting chassis powered by an electric motor, thus allowing the transfer of the pallets to different transport lines. All this has implied making another special design to provide the mobile lifting station with sufficient robustness to ensure the transfers by means of an exact and precise positioning.

In the pictures you can see the robustness, quality and construction details of the Dynalserg Pallet Transfer Stations.

This special finish significantly increases the wide range of applications for Dynalserg Roller Lift Tables.

Mobile pallet transfer station in elevated position


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