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Universal WEDM square block-index-table

For angle settings, F-Tool offers a compact, economic, stainless square block-index-table which is very well suited for sporadic use. The universal index adapter plate can be turned around its centre using the 90° grid index and in addition the index pin can be adjusted within a 15° graticule. By omitting the index pin, the adapter plate can be adjusted variably on a vernier scale at any angle required. Many different F-Tool clamping appliances fit on the adapter plate, for the attachment of small to large tool components weighing from a few grams up to 15 kg.

The F-Tool square block-index-table is made of premium stainless material, is reasonably priced and of top Swiss quality. The FTool square block-index-table can be clamped onto the F-Tool ruler set or directly onto the machine table.


  • F-Tool International AG