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Global Components Shortage & Stocked Products

News Update

Global Components Shortage

As most of you know, there are still global issues within the current market regarding component shortages, limited manufacturing capabilities and an ever increasing demand for electronic chips. This in turn causes product prices to increase and lead times to be longer for electronic manufacturers all around the world. Some unavoidable effects which are felt by us at faytech, but also by you, our customers and partners, are:

- Further increase of prices for touchscreen products.

- Longer lead times for project business and customizations.

While this market situation is quite serious, we have taken several measures to still support you and ensure our products and services are available. So, to overcome most direct problems, we set up an increased stock capacity, safety stock back-up and additional component storage in our warehouses in China and Germany.

Current Stock Availability

Due to the measures taken as listed above, we are glad to announce that we still have a great availability of our finished products in stock, ensuring that on the short-term, we are able to directly ship most standard products directly. See some examples of products that are currently well-stocked in our Chinese and German warehouse below:

10.1″ Capacitive Touch PC (Intel® i5-7300U)

15.6″ Capacitive Touch PC (Intel® i5-7300U)

27″ Capacitive Touch PC (Intel® i5-7300U)

17″ Embedded Touch PC (ARM V40)

27″ Embedded Touch PC (ARM V40)

15.6″ Interactive Mirror (ARM V40)

All of the Capacitive Touch PCs listed above have an optically bonded touch panel, which improves the stability, reduce the reflection, increase the viewing angle, and enhance the perceived brightness. It also provides resistance to dust particles and shows a better image in general.

If you would like to get and overview of all the availability of individual products, you will find the real-time stock in the login area of our B2B Webshop (for European customers). Contact your local sales representative for any project inquiries or other information. Also, feel free to reach out at +49 5542 30374 10 or


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