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faytech's Interactive Whiteboards for meetings, seminars and conferences

News Update

We are excited to announce the release of our 86″ Interactive Whiteboard Solution! This whiteboard elevates your teamwork to the next level. The impressive screen transforms the way you communicate, collaborate, and interact with your audience or team. Available in 86″, with 65″ and 75″ options available upon request

Thanks to their easy-to-use touch interface, vivid visuals, and seamless connection to digital content, these displays give you the power to create impressive presentations, make learning more engaging, and make teamwork smoother, especially in business settings. You can write, draw, and share ideas in a whole new way, making your work and learning experiences more interactive and exciting.

These interactive whiteboards support up to 40-point touch, ensuring seamless interaction with infrared technology. Installation is effortless with VESA and mounting options, delivering up to 4K resolution with a wide color spectrum for vibrant visuals. Additionally, it features a professional 48MP camera, built-in 8-array microphone, and loudspeakers. Explore more and delve into the full specifications on our dedicated landing page!

To showcase faytech’s interactive whiteboard solutions, Arne Weber and Michael Faass opted for a video meeting as an engaging introduction.

Key features

• 4k Resolution (3840×2160) & 1.07B colors displayed

• Android 13 OS with Windows 10/11 OPS possibility horizontal use

• 40-point multi-touch infrared touch & pen support (included)

• True Optical Bonding (not Zero Bonding) for most vivid display image

• Microphone & Camera allows for easy screen share and meetings

• Tempered shatterproof cover glass

• VESA mounting for easy installation or mounting on stand

• Long lifetime built for extensive use within offices and classrooms

The whiteboard is available in 86″, with 65″ and 75″ options available upon request. Contact your sales representative today to order your unit!

At last, we have put together an interesting video on how the interactive whiteboards of faytech can be implemented in various field as a short introduction to the solution.

faytech's Interactive Whiteboards for meetings, seminars and conferences


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