Automatic reproducible sieve stack tensioning system!

Aaron Juchem
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For exact results and can be attached and used with any sieve shaker!

The universal sieve clamping system TorqueMaster enables automatic and reproducible tensioning of the sieve stack on the sieve shaker during dry sieving with test sieves 200 mm/8’’ diameter.

Although the tensioning has a great influence on the sieving result, it is relatively undefined in conventional systems. With the electric and easy-to-use sieve stack tensioning system TorqueMaster you can deliver a constant and reproducible clamping forces of ~ 1 kN to the sieve stack, enabling the calibration of the sieve tensioning – essential when using your sieve shaker as an instrument for inspection according to ISO 9001.

The sieve stack tensioning system TorqueMaster consisting of clamping lid plexiglas for test sieves 200 mm/8" dia. and electrical tool 100-240 V/1~, 50-60 Hz and can be combined with any sieve shaker.

Standardized for integration into a quality management system according to ISO 9001

The high performance Vibratory Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 PRO offers everything you need for fast determination of quantitative particle size distribution in the laboratory. As a shaking sieve system the electromagnetic drive oscillates the sieve stack into regulated vertical oscillations - the ideal solution for sieving sample quantities up to 2 kg and a measurement range from 20 μm to 63 mm.

The ANALYSETTE 3 PRO is perfectly suited for quality control of incoming and outgoing products, offers user-friendly operation and is low-noise, robust and long-lasting.

FRITSCH Advantage AMPCONTROL for setting a constant amplitude, which is automatically monitored and regulated. Your advantage: guaranteed constant amplitude, meaning precisely reproducible sieving results in accordance with DIN 66165-1 and the possibility to calibrate and validate your ANALYSETTE 3 PRO as an inspection instrument in inspection of measuring and testing equipment according to ISO 9001.

Especially clever All functions can be controlled via a RS232 interface. The interface and AUTOSIEVE allow inspection of the sieving process via an online comparison of the set and actual amplitude and therefore an Auto-Validation of the sieving process.

By utilizing the supplied software AUTOSIEVE all important functions such as amplitude, sieving time, intermittent mode and type of sieving can be entered comfortably via the computer or the clearly organized, ergonomic soft-touchpad with digital display.

The Vibratory Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 PRO in combination with the universal sieve tensioning system TorqueMaster, is the ideal solution for standardized sieve analysis and for use as an inspection instrument in quality management according to ISO 9001.

Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 PRO with reproducible sieve stack tensioning system TorqueMaster
Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 PRO with reproducible sieve stack tensioning system TorqueMaster

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