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Installation of a vehicle weighing station at the La Vinyeta winery


Giropes has installed a weighing station for vehicles adapted to the natural environment surrounding the La Vinyeta winery.

La Vinyeta is a small winery located in the Empordà, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, in an idyllic setting near the Cap de Creus National Park. Although a young winery established in 2002, it is among the most recognised of the Empordà Designation of Origin area.

It was not until 2006 that La Vinyeta was consolidated with the construction of the winery and began to produce its first red wines. In 2009, it became one of the first wineries with integrated production and an environmentally friendly farming system.

For La Vinyeta, the preservation of the natural environment is very important, as is reducing the visual impact caused by its facilities in the middle of an idyllic setting. To that end, the BPPCE EVO weighbridge scale has been designed with a special colour that blends in with its surroundings, reducing its visual impact.

The weighing station has a BPPCE EVO modular scale 16 metres long and 3.3 metres wide, ideal for weighing lorries to control the entry of raw materials and product output from the facilities. The scale has a special RAL 8008 Olive Brown finish to match the surrounding colours.

This scale will be managed using a GI400 LED indicator, which has a stainless steel finish to increase its resistance to harsh weather.

The weighing station assembly has undergone CE verification to enable weighing done with the scale to be valid for pricing the weighed product. With the modular design of the lorry scale, it was possible to carry out this verification directly in the factory.


  • Carrer Molló, 3, 17469 Vilamalla, Girona, Spain