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GoldenLaser High-end intelligent CNC laser pipe cutting machine

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GoldenLaser P series laser tube cutting machine for different metal pipes

In order to let customers understand our fiber laser tube cutting machine more intuitively, we have re-made a new video about the high-end CNC version of the fiber laser tube cutting machine P series. The following is a related introduction about this product:

Especially for metal tube and pipe cutting, suit for different shape tube and pipe, such as round, square, rectangular, triangle, oval, waist tube and other shaped tube & pipe. The tube outer diameter can be 20-300mm, length 6m, 8m. With Auto bundle loading system for automatic continous production.


1. Model number: P2060A P2070A P2080A P3060A P3080A(Optional)

2. Max Processing tube length: 6500mm; 7500mm 8500mm (Optional)

3. Laser power: 2000W 3000W (1000W 1500W 2500W 4000W 6000W 8000W Optional)

4. Laser source: nLIGHT/ IPG fiber laser generator

5. Laser head: Manual focus / Auto focus/precitec /raytools

6. Auto Bundle maximum size and weight: 800mm*800mm*6000mm, 2.5T

7. Safety: Laser class 3R - safe in all situations without extra protection

8. Certification: CE - meets all machine guidelines

Golden Laser Pipe Laser Cutting Machine
Golden Laser Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Materials: Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized steel, alloy steel and so on. Applicable Types of Tubes: Round tube, Squre tube, Rectangle tube, I beam, Chanel beam, Angle iron and so on Application Industry: Mainly used in fitness equipment, office furniture, shelves, steel structure, medical industry, rail rack and other industries for round pipe, square tube, rectangular tube and shaped pipe and other profile processing.

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