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Grupel launches models new STAGE V generator sets

Taking your projects to the next stage.

On its way to the future, Grupel is dedicated to developing more sustainable electric generators, adapted to the needs of its customers and the constantly evolving market demands.

Therefore, the company has designed and now produces and distributes versatile and innovative solutions that comply with the European STAGE V standard, which aims to improve air quality levels.

This standard was established by the European Union in 2016 with the aim of reducing harmful and polluting gas emissions from combustion engines. In force since 2019, it mandates the production and marketing of non-road mobile machinery with STAGE V engines, which includes generators.

Grupel is no exception and therefore, with the new STAGE V models, the brand's generator sets and lighting towers will produce fewer emissions, adapting perfectly to the current regulation, especially for the European rental market.

Grupel's STAGE V models have power ratings between 7 and 670kVA and a number of special features, such as:

- Two-stage particle filtration in fuel injection (DOC + DPF)

o DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalytic) reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and increases the NO2 that enters the Selective Catalytic Reduction, accelerating the conversion of NOx into nitrogen and water, both harmless.

o DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) prevents the production of unburned diesel particulate and ash, reducing diesel consumption.

- o Common Rail injection system with computer-optimized calibration to minimize pollutant production

- Fuel tank and AdBlue tank (purification system made with urea solution), easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning

- Easily accessible output bus for cable connection

- Easily accessible power sockets for external connection

- Bolt-on (not welded) canopy for longer durability, avoiding oxidation from welding

- Welded and reinforced chassis for easy towing and recurring transport

In addition, these new models will allow for the possibility of transporting six units per truck, optimizing supply chain costs for customers and suppliers.

With these new models, Grupel expands its range of solutions to follow the priorities of the markets and customers, demonstrating its position as a brand with space in the future of the industry and energy production.


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