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CoasterKart running in amusement park rides thanks to a robust electronics housing from häwa

High-quality control cabinets and housing solutions from häwa for the installation of electrical components can be found in demanding products around the globe.

JOSEF WIEGAND GMBH & CO. KG, based in Rasdorf, Hesse, is known worldwide as an established manufacturer of toboggan runs and suspended rides as well as children's slides, event slides and water slides. The innovative products are found in Chinese mountains, European amusement parks, American ski resorts, shopping malls, numerous playgrounds and even on cruise ships. For its latest product, the electrically operated CoasterKart, a housing for the electronics was needed that is suitable for permanent outdoor use as well as for the very different requirements on different continents. The CoasterKart is a combination of roller coaster and toboggan run.

After the WIEGAND company had initially experimented with conventional "off-the-shelf" housings, it quickly became clear that what they provided was in no way sufficient for the CoasterKart. And so the specialists from häwa GmbH came into play. In the CoasterKarts, with space for two people, passengers race along a track with curves, roundabouts, jumps and waves and can actively control the speed of the vehicle themselves using the accelerator pedal. This requires sophisticated electronics - and it is precisely for this reason that Wiegand needs customized housing solutions from häwa that can cope with the demands of continuous operation, even in wind and weather.

This presented even the design engineers at häwa with very different challenges. For example, UL approval had to be secured for the first joint project for delivery to the USA. For this reason, the housing for a park in Pigeon Forge/Tennessee was made of stainless steel and delivered in accordance with American safety regulations. Then, by using aluminium in the subsequent projects, the total weight of the CoasterKart was reduced by around 15 kilograms. The housings are completely prefabricated by häwa with cable holes, air inlets and all relevant features so that they can be installed directly in the vehicles at Wiegand. These are impressive with integrated distance control, front and rear lights, a contactless LIM (linear induction motor) drive, TÜV approval and DIN certification.

ln the meantime, WlEGAND and häwa have already jointly developed several other projects. In addition to the first project in the USA, the CoasterKarts are already in operation in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, in Wales and in the 17-hectare Thüle amusement park near Oldenburg. The ride in Thüle is 550 metres long and has four tunnels. It travels past dinosaurs, the theme of the park's spectacular ride being "Lost World". For this reason, the vehicles as well as the installed electric housings have a sophisticated special paint finish. This is the first, and so far only, CoasterKart installation in Germany. Further projects of this kind are already being planned at Wiegand and häwa.


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