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Hiller 4.0

The next Generation: Automation in dewatering

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, machine-learning and predictive maintenance - all terms that are now an integral part of the industry. In dewatering by means of decanters, digitisation also offers opportunities which HILLER is using and can therefore offer its customers high added value. Predictive maintenance, condition monitoring of the centrate, automated polymer dosing, remote monitoring of the decanter as well as the integration of the innovative HILLER control system into the overall control of the plant: all this leads to a networking of man, machine and data which ensures maximum operational reliability and efficiency for the customer.

Hiller remote monitoring

With the development of the in-house remote maintenance and data analysis system Hiller has already created a pioneering position on the market years ago. The flexible remote maintenance solution via a web-based service portal and correspondingly intelligent terminals considerably reduces or even completely avoids downtimes of decanter plants. HILLER remote maintenance is designed as a universal complete solution for simple and secure connection of networks via the internet. It is equally suitable for the operation of a small wastewater treatment plant as it is for connecting a large number of industrial decanters which are serviced worldwide. All you need is access to the Internet, either via the company network, via the DSL connection at home or on the road via the UMTS modem. If required, a HILLER service technician can reach the machines and plants within minutes at the click of a mouse.

HILLER remote maintenance can also be optionally offered with data recording. Data is stored on HILLER's own server and analysed and displayed using dashboards (trends, real-time values). In case of alarms or maintenance messages, both the customer and the HILLER service department can be informed in advance by email. In this way, for example, appropriate measures can be taken at an early stage in the event of an upcoming oil change.

Condition monitoring and machine learning

Through further development of data analysis and by means of "machine-learning", the system automatically detects whether the decanter is running optimally or whether there is a need for maintenance or readjustment. Added to this is the online condition monitoring CMS from Siemens, which monitors the conditions of the main bearings and issues a message even before a defect occurs. This system can be retrofitted in all Hiller decanters.

Hiller control system

Also in case of the HILLER control unit, already the new generation is available. The display of the SEE-Control unit has been replaced by the follow-up model EP380. The inner components have been advanced and improved, the external dimensions remain identically. The following improvements have been realised:

- More efficient processor and extended RAM for faster operation

- Especially developed hardware cover for even higher protection against corrosion

- Longer battery backup for data management in case of an electrical power outage

- CFast memory card

- Updated graphics performance

- SSD enhancement for permanent storage of the trend data for 1 year

As usual, the new display has been subjected to several prototype tests and is being delivered serially and successfully for approximately one year now.

Hiller Centrate Control

The highest possible process stability is also guaranteed by Hiller's automatic centrate control. This system uses an object sensor to monitor the quality of the centrate water and can intervene to regulate any deviations. A PLC module developed by Hiller is used to change the polymer or feed quantity depending on the discolouration of the centrate. This automatically optimises the polymer consumption and prevents overdosing.

By means of these automated processes we help our customers to make their processes more efficient and sustainable and thus to reduce the costs incurred considerably. We work hand in hand with our customers and thus create real added value for the users of Hiller decanter technology.


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