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NEW: hydraulic cylinder by HYDR'AM

Light aluminium alloy cylinder, 500 mm stroke (1 piston) or 1000 mm stroke (2 pistons).

Tensile force 70 KN or 50 KN.

The cylinder functions as load bearing , either as a cable joint in line or anchoring to the pylon.

The automatically locking control device, makes it possible to use the hydraulic circuits of the Unit during voltage build up, then to disconnect them in order to supply a sleeve cutter, another cylinder, or a sleeve press.




1 or 2 cylinders

2 gripping / handling rings

1 or 2 pistons with tension rods, specific 500 mm stroke onto which 2 staying straps with 27 mm hole is screwed

2 shackles Ǿ 25 FMU 70 KN

Ergonomic « dead man's »type, dual action control handle and non-return relief valve for a smooth piston exit, pressure gauge graduated from 0 to 150kN, HP hose with quick connect couplings and safety ring, metallic end protection caps

Suspension system with small wheels : on option