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Introducing the i22X Series tabletop visual inspection device!

Janome Industrial Equipment Europe
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The i22X Multifunctional Inspection Device harnesses the power and accuracy of a precision Janome robot to accurately inspect your work.

The i22X Series checks soldering or dispensing quality, reads barcodes or part numbers, looks for missing screws, damaged, misaligned or incomplete workpieces and more. Equipped with a 5 Megapixel camera and several different lighting choices, and using 3 robot axes (XYZ) to control movement, you can choose from among three operating ranges, 200x200, 300x320 or 510x510mm.

Specialized “Catch System” PC software stores images for later analysis, tracks productivity trends and keeps records of workpiece repairs, etc.

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i22X Series Multifunctional Inspection Device
i22X Series Multifunctional Inspection Device

The i22X Series Multifunctional Inspection Device is ideal for visual inspection of small parts.

The i22X handles a wide range of visual inspection jobs.

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