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Tighten larger screws with a Janome Robot and OHTAKE NJR Screw Feeder!

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The rugged NJR Series is ideal for M1.4 to M5.0 size screw delivery.

Janome Desktop and Cartesian Robots are ideally designed to work closely with a wide range of tools to perform a variety of tasks, including precision screw fastening.

The OHTAKE NJR Series Automatic Screw Feeder is just such a tool. Available in two sizes, the NJR Series NJR-23 handles M1.4.0 to M3.0 size screws, while the NJR-45 takes care of M3.5 to M5.0 screws. Both odels handle screw lengths up to 18mm with a hopper capacity of 150cc. The NJR smoothly delivers screws along an interchangeable rail to the pickup point. It also sends a delivery signal when a screw is ready for pickup. The robot then moves the driver tip to the pickup point, takes the screw and carries it to the tightening point. If the feeder runs out of screws it sends an error signal telling the robot that it needs refilling. The robot will standby until the screw hopper is refilled and the NJR sends a delivery signal.

Please contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to test your screw fastening process with a Janome Robot and OHTAKE NJR Feeder.

Tighten larger screws with a Janome Robot and OHTAKE NJR Screw Feeder!

The OHTAKE NJR Series Screw Feeder, electric screwdriver and JR3000 Series Desktop Robot work together to make an all-in-one screw fastening set!


The NJR features a removable lid for refilling the hopper. Here the hopper is uncovered; the brush gently pushes screws onto the rail for delivery.


Here is a closer look at an NJR-45 with a delivered screw waiting for pickup. The rail is covered with a guide plate to carry screws from the hopper to the pickup point.

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