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JINPAT Small High Life Slip Ring

A small high life slip ring requires some structural changes on the basis of ordinary slip rings, and the selection of materials different from ordinary slip rings.

Among these materials, the wear resistance of the brush wire is stronger than that of the brush wire used in ordinary slip rings. From the most fundamental technical perspective, improving the surface smoothness of the slip ring copper ring, as well as increasing the thickness of the brush wire and copper ring surface gold plating layer, and improving the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of product components, can significantly improve the lifespan of the slip ring.

As an established manufacturer in the slip ring industry, JINPAT has accumulated rich research and development experience in many different slip ring fields, and also has great achievements in the field of small high life slip rings. Recently, JINPAT has a small capsule slip ring that has perfectly met the design requirements after nearly a year of live testing on a testing bench. The slip ring model is LPC-0205, which is a relatively simple product with a lifespan of 140 million rpm at a speed of 300 rpm, continuously running on a life testing bench day and night.

Although 140 million rpm is not the record holder for the highest lifespan of JINPAT high life slip ring, if it is installed on ordinary low-speed electromechanical equipment, as long as it is not used for 24 hours of high-strength use, its service life will be very considerable, even exceeding ten years. In addition to this LPC-0205, JINPAT also has another capsule slip ring LPC-0210, which has a lifespan of over 100 million rpm. This product has exceeded its lifespan of nearly 150 million rpm on a testing bench and has developed a dedicated mold with the ability to produce in large quantities.

As of now, the longest lifespan of JINPAT should be a 10 channel capsule slip ring, which can transmit both current and signal. This slip ring ran a record high of 496 million rpm at 1200rpm on JINPAT lifespan testing platform. This slip ring has also developed a mold, and its structure and material technology are also very mature, which can be improved into signal slip rings for other purposes at any time. In addition, JINPAT also has LPM-12S, a high life slip ring with a testing speed of over 280 million rpm. Compared to the LPC series, the LPM series micro slip rings have a smaller diameter and a more compact volume. For example, the LPM-12S has a diameter of only 12.8mm and a length of only 30mm.


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