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The Characteristics of Industrial Robot Integrated Slip Rings

The Characteristics of Industrial Robot Integrated Slip Rings

The application scope of industrial robots is continuously expanding, and they play an indispensable role on the production lines of modern factories. Industrial robots can replace manual labor in tasks such as lifting heavy objects, assembling precision components, welding, and painting, thereby enhancing production efficiency and reducing labor intensity. Within the motion and operation of industrial robots, slip rings are a critical component responsible for transmitting power, signals, and data. JINPAT, as an experienced slip ring manufacturer, boasts a history of nearly 30 years in the field, offering over ten thousand rotational conductive solutions for various industries, including a segment dedicated to custom solutions tailored for industrial robots.

JINPAT is committed to delivering high-reliability industrial robot integrated slip rings. After years of research and development, they've rigorously evaluated hundreds of alternative structural and material combinations to ensure the provision of the most rational slip ring solutions, meeting the elevated reliability standards demanded by industrial robots. JINPAT industrial robot slip rings are primarily based on a hollow shaft design, featuring outstanding scalability. They can not only transmit power but also be customized to support various signal types, even integrating pneumatic and hydraulic modules. This design has made hollow shaft slip rings highly popular in the field of industrial robotics.

Many of JINPAT industrial robot slip rings are based on a hollow shaft design and serve as the foundation for patented technologies that have been widely adopted by international industrial robot giants. These products include electrical signal integrated models and multi-module slip rings supporting both electrical and fluid transmission, and they have received unanimous acclaim from customers through extensive use across various assembly lines.

In the context of industrial robots, it's uncommon to directly use standard slip rings. Even in the case of ultra-compact industrial robot slip rings, employing standard products often necessitates the customization of supporting arms and other supplementary components. JINPAT primarily focuses on the LPMS-06/08 series for applications involving ultra-compact industrial robot slip rings. These products have diameters ranging from 5.5 to 7.6mm and support mixed transmission of signals and power across their channels, eliminating the need for additional enhancements to transmit basic signals. However, when industrial robot joints require the transmission of higher power, ultra-compact slip rings may not meet the requirements.

JINPAT industrial robot integrated slip rings provide high reliability, scalability, and customized solutions for modern industrial robot systems, enabling them to deliver outstanding performance across a variety of applications. Through continuous research and innovation, JINPAT remains at the forefront of slip ring technology advancement, meeting the evolving needs of industrial automation.


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