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566 Superflow® XT

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The Perfect Sidekick for the Unappreciated Hero

It’s just before 9 am on a Monday morning and your baristas are frantically serving customers their first extra-large double espressos of the day (which is a heroic task

itself). With this rush and during busy periods, inevitably there will be some accidents. Spills, cups, glasses or plates being dropped on the floor can make the floor slippery and dangerous.

The time-consuming process of cleaning up the mess will then have a knock-on effect to the customer, and in a world where the customer is king, this could affect sales.

Your smiling, happy go lucky Barista, who has a Spidey sense of alertness combined with a hummingbird’s grace and speed, has one goal in mind: 1.75 – 2 ounces of espresso, delivered in 25 – 29 seconds.

As an underappreciated hero, Baristas are often on their feet for long periods of time. Standing whilst serving customers for hours is exhausting and can cause numerous issues including back pain, knee problems, poor posture, neck and shoulder pain, and restricted blood flow among many other problems.

Not only that, but as your baristas are moving from place-to-place behind the counter, racing from coffee machine to bagel toaster behind the counter, hurriedly trying to hand off the next coffee order, a wet floor from spill especially around the coffee machines and the other service areas in which your employees need to stand could lead to slipping and causing them to injure themselves, made worse by the fact that they could also be holding hot coffee in both hands.

This tiring and treacherous environment could tarnish your baristas charming sense of humour and result in them providing a lesser service, perhaps a lesser quality coffee. Or ultimately even worse, a tired and grumpy barista facing off against a coffee and sleep deprived executive who was up all night watching Game of Thrones on Netflix.

Aptly named, the 566 Superflow® XT anti-fatigue mat can help.

Although not a cape, the 566 Superflow® XT can help you and your baristas work more comfortably and safely. It won’t make your coffee taste like it was just delivered fresh from the hills of Ecuador, nor from Juan on a donkey, nor grant your customers the grace and patience of Mother Theresa, it will protect employees from slippery floors, put a bounce back in their step, and ensure your baristas can continue to provide excellent coffee and good service.

The 566 Superflow® XT is a specially designed anti-fatigue mat is a naturally soft working platform that provides a comfortable bounce effect and ensures that your baristas are happier and more comfortable. This structure makes the user sway and forces the muscles in the calves and legs to make very small movements to balance which keeps blood flowing, eliminating the fatigue associated with standing for long periods of time.

The mat features a slip-resistant non-skid surface for added traction and good adherence in dry, wet, or greasy areas and drainage holes which allow any liquids to leak through leaving the mats surface clear. If a barista happens to spill something while they are crafting the perfect caramel latte, the liquid will be drained through the holes, and the surface will maintain its anti-slip properties providing a stable foundation so that they can focus on making great coffee. Then once there is time, the mat which is lightweight, weighing just 8.8 kg per m2, can be easily lifted and cleaned underneath.

Thanks to its thick rubber construction, glasses, plates, and cups are much less likely to break when dropped on the mat as the surface creates a natural bounce effect to ensuring a more cushioned fall.

The 566 Superflow® XT which is made from 8.5 mm thick high-quality PAH3 and REACH compliant SBR based rubber, is also reversible ensuring great value by providing a longer service life. It’s easy to install, simply roll it out where you need it and it’s ready to go!

For more information on the 566 Superflow® XT for your own piece of coffee paradise or to find out about our other matting solutions, please visit our website.


Naturally Notrax®

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Superior Manufacturing Group is now part of the Checkers Safety Group. Since its humble beginnings in 1948, the company has grown to one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of Notrax® mats for professional use, reputed for our vast range of innovative and quality products for industrial and commercial applications. Our commitment is to make quality products and to continue looking for innovative ways of serving our customers.

566 Superflow® XT - The Perfect Sidekick for the Unappreciated Hero
566 Superflow® XT - The Perfect Sidekick for the Unappreciated Hero

566 Superflow® XT

566 Superflow® XT is reversible for a longer service life.

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