Grinding stators with the micron Macro-SK from Lapmaster Wolters

Lapmaster Wolters GmbH
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The efficiency level of modern hydraulic motors depends significantly on minimizing leakage losses of the separate pressure chambers between rotor and stator.

The more precise the inner contour of the stators is processed the smaller the pressure loss between the chambers.

Due to highest precision and economy Lapmaster Wolters' micron Macro-SK is setting new benchmarks for the ID grinding of stators. The machine concept allows grinding of various stator types, for example Gerotor and Geroller. During the grinding process the spindle arms dive in a vertical direction into a stack of several tensioned stators. This grinding direction proves to be a great advantage compared to other machine concepts, as the cooling lubricant is guided specifically into the grinding gap and therefore higher grinding feeds are achieved. This optimizes grinding time and total cycle time of the process. The maximum stack height in the device is approx. 100 mm so that depending on thickness of the work piece several stators can be ground at the same time.

The advantages of Lapmaster Wolters' MICRON MACRO-SK at a glance:

• Compact: only 1.5 m wide; with filter, chiller, tensioning station and handling

system only 11 sqm floor space required

• Highly precise linear guidance in all axes and positioning of the work pieces through

an index table

• Tensioning station for exact alignment of the work pieces; tensioning and loosening

of the work pieces outside of the work area and parallel to the grinding process

➔Time saving

• Ergonomic transport of the tensioning device with a gripper on a guiding rail

• Digital drive technology, Siemens 840 D control

• Water cooled motors of the spindle arms

• Transfer of the work piece specific CNC grinding program through RFID technology

Grinding stators with the micron Macro-SK from Lapmaster Wolters

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