Automatic magnetic grid with special protection cleaners

Monika Hlebec
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No more jamming of the material

The problem that the different industries are facing nowadays is ensuring flawless products and continuous production. Any defect or flaw on the product can incur significant costs to the company, either due to the refusal of orders or possible lawsuits by consumers. Also, errors in the manufacturing process can lead to damage to various systems or devices. Therefor the separation of ferromagnetic contaminates and oxides is important part of the manufacturing process.

Ferromagnetic metal contaminants can enter your process in two ways - via the incoming product, or as a result of wear in the production process.

MDR automatic magnetic grid separates metal contaminants as small as 10 microns from powders and granulates in free-fall pipes. Applications are found in the plastics, food products, pharmaceutical and ceramic industries, among others.

With automatic magnetic grid, ferromagnetic impurities are automatically ejected from your product without stopping the production process. Automatic cleaning principle consists in pouring the material through the central part of the magnetic separator. At given intervals, caught metal impurities are lifted to the left or right hopper.

Because of the problems with stickiness and dust with some products (for example sugar) we developed special protection cleaners for magnetic rods that are installed inside of magnetic grid. Because of this solution, with MRKA there is no problems with jamming of the material and MRKA automatic grid can also eject ferromagnetic particles from the liquids.

Every magnetic grid is custom made, adjusted to your production line. We don't offer products, we offer solutions.

Automatic magnetic grid
Automatic magnetic grid

MRKA for automatic separation of ferromagnetic particles

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