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New on-line free configurator for motors, gearboxes and VFD by motive

Motive site was already at the forefront for the service put at the disposal of customers, such as the download area of the type test reports, or the one for the final test reports of each serial number, the three-dimensional animations of products, and more. However, it has now been further enriched by the configurator. This new tool allows you to shape motive products (engine-gearbox-inverter), combine them as you wish, and, finally, to download the 2D / 3D CAD and product data sheet in PDF format. Compared to other configurators, this one is distinguished primarily by the ease and speed of use, the possibility to change the selected choices without having to restart the procedure, the ability to see all such choices in a single page, and the fact that integrates to motors and gearboxes also the variable speed drives.