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Outer Rotor Flat Brushless DC Motors

Power packed motors for space constrained applications.

This new brushless flat motor uses an outer rotor configuration with an air gap between the coil and the magnetic structure being managed radially. This unique and innovative design delivers very high power density, smooth output torque, and provides great speed stability. Additionally, the ratio between joule and iron losses has been specially optimized to reduce losses to have better efficiency and lower heating.

Due to its form factor and performances, these powerful outer rotor flat brushless DC motors would be ideal for space constrained applications including service robotics, electric grippers, medical pumps, oxygen concentrators, aerospace seat actuators, prosthetic legs, and laboratory equipment. Traditionally, motors with slotted windings have cogging torque, but Portescap's revolutionary design has been optimized to minimize the cogging so it can also be a great solution for powered hand held tools.

Proof of concept prototypes are available in 32 mm diameter size, but different form factors may be possible with further analysis. Speak with a Portescap applications engineer by completing the form below.


  • Westchester, IL, USA
  • Portescap S.A.