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4-Pole High-performance Coreless Brush DC Motors

Brush DC Coreless design proves optimal performance in a compact package

Typically performances from a coreless brush DC is dependent upon the overall electromagnetic volume. The higher the performances needed, the higher the electromagnetic volume which results in an overall increase in the mechanical package.

Certain applications require higher performance but are very space constrained and end up typically having to compromise with higher sizes due to non-availability of a suitable solution. With the new 4-pole coreless brush DC motor concept from Portescap, these applications don't have to compromise.

Portescap design engineers have developed and optimized the electromagnetic and mechanical circuit with a 4-pole motor design in a coreless technology. With this new innovative design, higher performances in a very compact package can be a reality beneficial for many applications.

Sampling is available for 22mm diameter motors with torque output up to 18mNm.


  • Westchester, IL, USA
  • Portescap S.A.