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Motors for Craniotomy Hand Tools

Craniotomy hand tools are high speed drills used in Neuro (Skull) surgeries

These highly complex procedures require very high precision and balancing. Even minor vibrations or jerks could impact the outcome of surgeries. These quick coupling hand pieces require perfectly balanced motors with low vibration for fatigue-free working in various types of Neuro operations.

Portescap's Surgical Motion Solutions are compact and provide the most torque and power available in the smallest package, while allowing to be optimized for high speeds in excess of 90,000 rpm. Additionally, these mini brushless slotted DC motors are sterilizable, and are designed to withstand over 3,000+ autoclave cycles to offer long life and low total cost-of-ownership. With lower temperature rise, and low noise/vibration, these high speed autoclavable motors are able to respond to sudden loads with minimal change in speed (no jerks). Portescap Surgical Motors can also be paired with our controllers for optimal performance.


Can reach very high speeds

Deliver optimal torque at higher speeds

Lightweight and low vibration for increased surgeon tactile feel & reduced fatigue

Lower cost of ownership / increased instrument life / lower service cost

Products designed to withstand over 3,000+ autoclave cycles and saline exposure

High efficiency for smaller hand tool design and increased ergonomics

Customization Options

Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs

Custom output shaft and housing interface features

High-level assembly integration

Plug and play motor terminals/pins

Custom mechanical designs for added reliability

Multi layer insulation for hi-voltage protection

Motor customization for 24V option


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