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Motors for Aerospace Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems are critical to support efficient propulsion and operation of aircrafts by providing optimum flow and pressure to the engine.

Typical applications for fuel management systems include pumping, valving and fuel measuring/ metering applied to:

fuel transfer between tanks, weight, balance

air-to-air fueling

ground fueling

normal fuel circulation/ distribution modes

The mission critical nature of these applications demand responsiveness to deliver high torque outputs while exposed to high vibration, shock, altitude, wide temperature ranges and in some cases, exposure to salt and high humidity environments. Finally, aerospace applications greatly benefit from lightweight and compact systems to allow for more people, equipment and gear to be transported. Portescap's capabilities and motion control expertise provide exceptional solutions suited for responsiveness, motion precision and reliability.


Exceptional dynamic performance (torque over speed range)

Optimized power and torque dense designs (compact and lightweight)

Highly efficient solutions (output vs input)

Operating temperature ranges from -30 C to +85 C


Customization Options

Consultative approach to design and meet exact performance requirements

Capability to support integrated solutions

Design flexibility to support custom output shaft & interface features for modular designs

Design flexibility to operate in critical environments (shock, vibration)


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