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Efficiency and Power Density Redefined in Harsh Surgical Environments

Since the advent of civilization, the art of motion has been a critical part of human life in the quest to save, improve, and enhance lives.

With advances in technology, motors are playing a very important part in our day to day lives, at times very subtly without our knowledge.

Technology has helped improve motor power density and has enabled usage in various applications that once used pneumatic controls. OEM’s around the world developing motion applications in medical and industrial markets require the best power density, efficiency, and reduced envelope with lowered overall cost of ownership.

As an example, medical surgical handtools need to withstand harsh environments – autoclave, saline, dish wash and at the same time deliver required power density & efficacy with given power source (battery) while expecting improved patient outcomes. We have seen multiple failures at customers due to improper selection of motors or because the motors were not rated for autoclave exposures.

Surgical Handtool Applications That Can Be Enhanced by an Optimized Mini Motor Solution Include:

Orthopedic Reamers

Surgical Drills

Surgical Saws

Powered ENT / Neuro and Spine Drills

Arthroscopic Shavers

Powered Surgical Staplers

ENT Microdebriders

Powered Plastic Surgery Devices

In emerging markets such as India & China, we are seeing a renewed interest in cutting edge applications that require a solutions approach. Be it medical surgical hand tools, infusions system, injectors, pipettes, medical imaging/x-rays, exoskeletons, ventilators/ respirators, robotics, aerospace and defense, factory automation, security & access, pruning shears and total stations, customers are demanding products and solutions that meet specific applications requirements that can be further customized.

Examples of Brushless DC motors that can be customized for Surgical Hand Tools

B0912N4023 Autoclavable slotted brushless dc gearmotor

B1112N4004 Autoclavable cannulated slotted brushless dc gearmotor

B1210N1021 Autoclavable cannulated slotted brushless dc motor

B0614H4041 Autoclavable slotted brushless dc gearmotor

B0612H1006 Autoclavable cannulated slotted brushless dc motor

B0512N4080 Autoclavable slotted brushless dc gearmotor

Why work with Portescap? What value can Portescap deliver?

Outstanding quality, customization with the lowest cost of ownership. With Brush DC, Brushless DC, Stepper, Gearheads, Encoders and drive/controllers under its portfolio of offerings, Portescap is able to be your premier motion solutions partner. Are you ready to get started?


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