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Understanding the Effect of PWM When Controlling a Brushless DC Motor

White Paper

Designers of motion systems often face challenges when selecting or developing electronics using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to drive brushless DC motors. It is useful to keep in mind some basic physical phenomena to avoid unexpected performance issues. This document provides general guidelines when using a PWM driver with a Portescap brushless DC motor.

PWM has many advantages and is the most widely used solution for brushless DC drivers. Setting an adequate PWM voltage and using a high PWM frequency will help to reduce the ripple and can avoid the use of additional inductances. Today’s cost of electronic components makes it a simple solution to go with high PWM frequency. Electronic designers should consider carefully these parameters when developing a motion system, especially when size and weight of the electronic is a concern (i.e. portable devices with embedded electronics) or when battery life is a key criteria (additional energy dissipated by Joules losses for the internal resistance of extra inductances). Portescap engineers can help you define suitable electronic with our brushless DC motors, contact us in case you need any support.

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