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Portescap Launches New Sensorless CNT2440 Autoclavable Controller

Portescap, a global supplier of innovative miniature motors, is excited to announce the launch of the CNT2440, an autoclavable controller capable of surviving up to 1,000 sterilization cycles.

This new controller has a rated voltage up to 24V and a rated current up to 40 amps, providing a power rating of 960 watts. The CNT2440 is the latest in the motion solutions portfolio to leverage Portescap’s deep-seated knowledge of autoclavable design and will fill the need for sterilizable controller options in the surgical market.

This controller features a sensorless drive, resulting in lower installation complexity and improved system reliability. The controller is fully compatible with Portescap’s brushless DC slotted and brushless DC slotless range of sterilizable motors, providing flexibility for customers to select from a range of motion technologies based on exact application needs. It also can be programmed based on a specific application’s requirements, including travel range, braking requirements, and trigger features.

The CNT2440 autoclavable controller is ideal for those seeking a one-of-a-kind sterilizable motor and sterilizable controller package, being especially well-suited to drive battery-powered surgical hand tools. Specific applications that will excel by using this controller include surgical drills, surgical power tools, surgical saws, and powered surgical screwdrivers.


  • Westchester County, NY, USA
  • Portescap SA