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Encoder M-Sense22

Magnetic Encoder Provides Precise Positioning and Feedback

The M-Sense22 is Portescap’s newest magnetic encoder option that can be combined with our brushless DC motors ranging from 22mm to 40mm.

Pairing well with Portescap’s existing brushless slotless motors, this encoder fulfills the need for applications that require BLDC motor capabilities with closed loop feedback systems.

This encoder is easily able to meet customers’ 1:1 feedback requirements based on its use of upgraded chip technology and is capable of providing both incremental and absolute feedback, even at high input speeds up to 200,000 RPM.

The encoder offers accuracy up to 1.5 degrees, which allows a higher degree of accuracy in positioning feedback - and subsequently application positioning. The encoder also has a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines, ensuring that any specific application resolution needs are satisfied.

The M-Sense22 is particularly well-matched for applications that require high-precision positioning feedback and a wide range of resolution capabilities, such as those in the Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Power Tools, Surgical Power Tools, and Life Sciences markets. Specific application that will excel through use of this encoder include missile fin actuation, drones, portable ultrasound probes, grippers, nut runners, and electric screwdrivers.


  • Westchester County, NY, USA
  • Portescap S.A.