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26BF nuvoDisc™ Brushless DC Flat Motor

26mm flat motor using disc magnet slotless technology with integrated electronics

Coming soon, the new 26BF nuvoDisc is a flat BLDC motor utilizing a unique disc magnet slotless technology. Featuring a diameter of 26mm and an overall body length of only 11mm, this innovative motor provides dynamic motion capabilities due to the very low inertia in a compact envelope.

The design is equipped with a ball bearing assembly that is larger than most of the standard designs available in the market in its class, which helps the motor withstand higher axial and radial loads. The 26BF brushless flat mini motor also features internal integrated electronics that act as a simple drive system to reduce system complexities.

This new motor is equipped with an 8-pole magnetic design and produces a max continuous torque up to 3.5 mNm and a max speed up to 12k rpm. The 26BF is an ideal solution for applications requiring high speed, low to medium torque, and very dynamic motion, including premium tattoo machines, LiDAR systems, and PAPR (powered air purifying respirators).


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