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Drops, Shocks No Match for the 26BF Flat Motor

The Perfect Motor for Tattoo Machines

The 26BF Flat Motor is the Perfect Fit - Literally.

A game-changer for tattoo machines, the 26BF is engineered to withstand the most extreme 26BF Tattoo Machine Landing Page Graphic (1)working conditions while offering unrivaled shock insensitivity. Key motor features include:

Rugged ball bearings that withstand 100 N axial load

10% higher continuous torque (3.5 mNm) than competitive BLDC motors

Dynamic due to low inertia of 7.8 gcm²

Flat form factor for easy integration and increased machine miniaturization

If you're ready to elevate your tattooing experience, the 26BF is the answer. Still not convinced? Check out these benefits:

Quieter Operation - Disc magnet flat BLDC motors are inherently quieter than traditional brush DC motors

Improved User Handling - 50% lower in weight than the traditional brush DC motors

Dynamic Motion - Uses a Low inertia design that results in quick stop/start motion capability

Integrated Electronics - Simple drive mechanism in a very compact, flat package

Fast Sampling - Get a prototype fast through the Portescap eStore

Customization - Tailor your motion solution to suit specific tattoo application requirements


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