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08ECP20 Sets New Device Miniaturization Standards

08ECP20 Ultra EC Slotless Brushless DC motor

8mm Motor Sets New Standards for Device Miniaturization

The 08ECP20 brushless DC motor is the smallest frame size to join Portescap’s Ultra ECTM portfolio. Featuring Portescap’s proprietary Ultra ECTM winding and an optimized bearing assembly, this miniactuation solution is the perfect fit for engineers looking to downsize devices and applications.

This 8mm motor can achieve speeds up to 60,000 rpm while delivering high performance and reliability. Lower power losses lead to higher efficiency, while the absence of cogging torque results in smooth rotation and improved end-user experience.

The 08ECP20 is an excellent choice for handheld device manufacturers across various industries. Specific examples include miniature actuators in the Aerospace and Defense sector, portable medical pumps, bionic and exoskeleton systems, and optical/laser systems.

Key Features

• 8mm diameter

• 60,000 rpm max speed

• Smooth rotation

• Lower power losses

• Higher efficiency


• Miniature Actuators

• Insulin Pumps

• Optical/Laser Systems

• Surveillance Camera Systems

• Bionics & Exoskeleton Systems

• POC Handheld Analyzers

• Dosing and Dispensing Systems

• Electric Grippers


• Connectors

• Custom shafts - flats, knurling, diameter, length

• Coil modifications - resistance and inductance

• Without hall sensors

• Special lubricants


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  • Portescap S.A.